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bye to a chp officer. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. it is thursday, september 13. i'm heather holmes in for gasia. and this is bay area news at 7. we are following developing news in the east bay hills where crews are fighting a house fire above claremont avenue. the one-alarm fire was reported just after 6 tonight at 7100 norfolk road. from news chopper 2, you can see smoke billowing out of the large four-level home. there was no one inside at the time. the owner of the home just arrived on the scene. we'll stay with this developing story and have an update for you tonight on the 10:00 news. the u.s. is now tightening
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security at its embassies worldwide following the rocket attack in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens. authorities say four militants were taken into custody today. the anti-american violence has now spread. >> reporter: the anger directed towards america spread across borders and closer to u.s. embassy walls thursday. demonstrators in yemen tried to break through the embassy gate. police fired warning shots and tear gas in egypt and iranians shouted "death to americans." it's anti-american fury fueled by a 14-minute anti-islamic film clib on youtube that the american government denounces. >> let me state very clearly that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message.
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>> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton rejected the video but called upon governments to stop the violence resulting from it. >> any responsible leader should be standing up now and drawing that line. >> reporter: clinton's words came less than a day after u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three others were killed by the violence. >> no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> reporter: the u.s. is sending two warships to libya in case they're needed, as the government tries to figure out if the attack was planned. u.s. intelligence officials believe it is very unlikely it is al-qaeda behind the attack. there are some in libya showing support for the slain ambassador but those signs of peace could be overshadowings by violence, for clouds who believe a video speaks not just for itself but for a country. we have more details now about the youtube video that prompted some of that violence.
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sources say a southern california man named nakoula basseley nakoula is behind the film. he pleaded no contest to federal bank charges back in 2010 and was sentenced to 21 months in prison. a number of actors who appeared in the film, including this bakersfield woman, have spoken out. cindy garcia says she was mislead by the subject matter and is shocked and dismayed about the reaction. we spoke to an expert who says social media can generate an immediate reaction, but not necessarily caution. google says it will not remove the posted film because it meets the guidelines. it is, however, banned in egypt, libya and afghanistan. mourners gathered in vacaville to say farewell to chp officer kenyon youngstrom. the father of four was shot and killed last week during a traffic stop. youngstrom's patrol partner was
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among those who spoke at today's service. >> reporter: thousands came today to honor a man who dedicated his life to serving others. kenyon youngstrom fulfilled a dream when he got his badge. >> i remember when kenyon got accepted to go to the academy. i don't think i've ever seen a smile on anybody's face as big as that. i mean, he was so happy. >> he had the heart. he had an enormous heart. he loved everybody. >> reporter: youngstrom is being remembered for his smile, his faith, and the love he had for his wife and four children. >> i'm really proud of my dad, and lately i've been realizing how much i really talk about him, because now whenever i mention him, people get kind of quiet, but i never realized that i talk about him all the time. >> reporter: as they listened to one of youngstrom's favorite songs, they remembered his life, a life taken too soon, a
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life to be admired, a life lived in service to others, even in those final moments. >> i had the privilege of being ken's beat partner that day and watching him stand tall, like he did every day while doing a job that he loved. ken, i know you can hear me. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. >> reporter: youngstrom's family also talked today about the chp's unwavering support and one by one, officers stood today to tell the family that that will never change. in vacaville, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the entire staff of officer youngstrom's martinez office attended the funeral. highway patrol officers from around the bay area came in to fill in. officer michael larue said he worked with youngstrom on a number of occasions. >> a friendly guy, always had a smile on his face, well liked
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by the squad and very, very dedicated to the highway patrol. >> the fill-in officers are expected to be back on their regular beats tomorrow. law enforcement officers from all over the united states came to support officer youngstrom's family today. police and sheriff's deputies came as far away as new york, idaho and arizona. one state trooper from indiana told us the law enforcement community is like an extended family and it's important to show solidarity in times of grief. we are learning more details about the man who shot and killed officer youngstrom. christopher boone lacy had taken a temporary job as a software engineer for a mountain view company. on the morning officer youngstrom's crossed paths with lacy, lacy was reportedly heading to hewlett packard. last lacy lived in a trailer in
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tehama county. a suspected burglar remains at large tonight. he triggered an alarm this morning at that pink-colored house near mandela parkway. officers received calls that the burglar was armed. a swat team then entered the home, but the loburger there. troopers are starting to fog areas to kill mosquitoes. the fogging is scheduled to start at dusk and last until 11 tonight. placer county authorities say a resident there died last weekend from the west nile virus. howard stuls was a volunteer with the placer county k-9 unit. he died after being hospitalized for ten d ays.
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a fire on campus was reported on terminal avenue. firefighters say crews were delayed in fighting the fire because of a locked gate and bars on the windows. when some of the walls started to buckle, firefighters were forced to fight the flames from the outside. the fire destroyed a third grade classroom as well as administrative offices. >> that's what i've been thinking a lot about, those kids, and to start to replace it. >> no one was herd. governor jerry brown presented the medal of valor to
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62-year-old william molcane. he responded to a fire in chinatown on new year's day 2011. he rescued an elderly couple. firefighters then lowered them to safety from the neighboring building. the federal reserve today announced aggressive actions to try to speed economic growth here in the u.s. the fed says it will spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage-backed securities from large wall street banks, freeing up money to make loans. bernanke says it should keep interest rates low and stimulate hiring. >> we make our decisions based entirely on the state of the economy and the needs of the economy for a policy accommodation. >> the fed says its last round created more than two million
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jobs but analysts predicted that the fed action would add a few tenths of a percent to economic growth at most. the dow industrial gained 206 points. that is the highest close since december of 2007. the nasdaq gained 41, a 1.3% increase. weekly jobless claims rose in part of hurricane isaac. applications climbed 15,000 to a seasonally adjusted 382,000. that is the highest level in two months. economists say that excluding the effect of isaac, applications were probably closer to 370,000. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi has lost a bid to delay a vote on his political future. the san francisco ethics commission denied mirkarimi's request to postpone proceedings until after the november election. last month the commission found that mirkarimi engaged in official misconduct. the commission says it will send its findingings to the board of supervisors on
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tuesday. the board then has 30 days to vote on whether to permanently remove mirkarimi from office. mirkarimi wanted it delayed until after the election, claiming that supervisors are under political pressure. it's a recurring problem at this house in fremont. over and over again, cars keep plowing through the backyard fence. what the homeowner wants the city to do. and students in san francisco attended a special summit on bullying. most of the bay area warmed up today. coming up, the temperature change we have in the forecast for friday and the warmest day of the upcoming week. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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airport officials say a runway closure this weekend will likely mean some flight delays. one runway will be shut down starting at 10:00 tomorrow night for maintenance work and it will reopen at 8 monday morning. the airport says the weekend closures will continue for the following two weeks. the work is part of a project to improve runway safety. during the reno air races today, officials held a memorial for the eleven people killed in a horrific accident last year. they honored four people who helped victims immediately after the crash. more than 70 other people were injured when a plane crashed into the crowd of spectators. this year's races began yesterday and run through the weekend. a bay area man with a home situated on a curve in the road says his property has now been the scene of a car crash not once, not twice, but eight different times. the effort to try to make that stretch of road a little safer. our alex savage is live in
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fremont where the latest crash critically injured a driver. >> reporter: the problem here is that cars just go way too fast around this curve and lose control and a whole lot of them end up plowing into this one backyard. you can see the hole in the fence has been boarded up. the homeowner here is fed up and he's asking the city for help. a wrecked car teetering on the edge of this backyard pool. this scene was deja vu for the homeowner. when he heard a loud boom last night, he knew exactly what it was. he says this has happened eight different times over the past ten years, despite signs warning drivers to slow down. >> what you have in place right now is insufficient. accidents are continuing. >> reporter: several of his neighbors have also had cars end up in their yards.
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leon goheen thinks the city of fremont should install guardrails along this section of sidewalk. >> any cars that come over the curve would hit the guardrail and not enter our property. lives would be saved. >> reporter: but sidewalk barriers would do more harm than good, they say, causing more injuries to drivers. police tell me the driver was likely racing. one witness put him at 80 miles an hour before the crash. the city said it can't necessarily account for that kind of reckless driving. fremont police tell me the driver from last night's accident has life-threatening injuries. meantime, goheen is planning to pass around a petition to his neighbors requesting some kind of a barrier be put up and he'll pass that along to the city. fremont traffic engineers do plan to study whether more can be done at this particular curb to keep cars from ending up in
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people's backyards. officials at yosemite national park today confirm a ninth infection of the hantavirus. a spokesperson says that while the visitor was infected, they did not come down with full- blown hantavirus. nearly all of those infected by the virus stayed in one of the signature tent cabins in curry village. three of the nine infected died. a random at the time by the usda found salmonella contamination in a single sample of melons. they were sold between august 27 and september 10 in california. public health officials say so far there are no reports of any illnesses. a san francisco parking lot is going to become a green space. the city says it plans to convert the current 200-car lot to a city park next to new
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housing. plans for the space include native plants, an amphitheater and a community garden. the city even plans to capture rainwater for irrigation. construction is set to begin in the fall of 2013 and be complete by the end of 2014. san francisco schools today kicked off a two-day summit to tackle the issue of bullying. as david stevenson reports, a high profile film played a key role in starting today's discussion. >> reporter: 3,000 san francisco middle and high school students took a break from class to talk about bullying. >> i've gotten bullied in sixth grade. i felt abandoned, because no one would help me out. >> you say these people are my friends. what friends do i have? >> reporter: the school district hosted screenings of bully, a documentary that depicts the corrosive effects on the lives of young people. >> you have very wealthy families that are as frustrated
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as the very poor families. it's really unique in that way. >> i was a girl who was bullied as a child. the other girls said i looked like a boy. >> reporter: city leaders shared their own experiences and said the problem is growing. 44% of middle schoolers said they were bullied last year in san francisco. >> the stunting growth of our kids, their emotional growth, academics. it's something that we've gotta stop. >> reporter: federal officials told students that bullying is now a national priority. >> it's affecting all of our communities. that message has gone back to the department of justice and to the president. >> no one is alone. just knowing you have a hand to help you. >> reporter: the film bullying has been shown to all the administrators and will be screened to the students over the course of the year. new york city today passed
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a ground-breaking measure banning super-sized sodas and other sugary drinks. it bans the drinks from movie theaters, restaurants and street cars. the ban is to help fight rising obesity. the soda industry has vowed to fight the ban. the oakland a's proved today that all good things must come to an end. oakland pitching came undone in the seventh inning as the angels scored six times to win 6-0. before today, the a's had six in a row, twelve in a row on the road. they now gear up for baltimore, who they are battling for a wildcard spot. it's a story that may be hard to believe. viral video of a tourist having her camera lifted literally and the thief flew off into the sunset. meteorologist mark says there's more in store for
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directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. it was a job well done for 150 bicyclists today in san francisco. they arrived late this morning
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at civic center plaza. they finished their 320-mile ride. the annual ride lasts five days and goes all along the northern california coast and raises money for environmental nonprofit organizations. as you see there, lots of sunshine in san francisco today. pretty nice out there. especially the inland spots. on the hot side, 90's. we're going to cool things off a little bit but no major changes to the forecast. right now we have the fog to contend with. also a batch of high clouds. you may have noticed those moving in from the pacific earlier this afternoon. here we go, some of the fog out toward the golden gate bridge. already a few patches approaching the bay bridge at last check. nearly 30 degrees in temperature changes. warmest locations inland. it was hot, 93 to 96 degrees earlier this afternoon. here we go with the forecast. headlines for tonight. we do have this with mostly
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clear skies. some coastal fog as we just showed you. tomorrow some morning fog. it will still be hot. the weekend, temperatures on either the mild side or the warm side but no major heat showing up. coolest locations in the upper 40's up towards santa rosa. most of the regions starting out in the 50's. high pressure has been in command of our weather. remember, we have an ocean out here to our west and with that, it's keeping the temperatures on the cool side right near the immediate shoreline. so we're going to have those microclimates once again for your friday. upper 60's to the upper 70's and the coast, some patchy fog and low 60's. the fog is regrouping first thing tomorrow morning and then increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours but still some patchy fog. i suspect near parts of the shoreline. temperatures for tomorrow, instead of the mid 90's,
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warmest locations approaching the lower 90's. so wheel -- we'll shave off a few degrees. san jose, right around 80. and san francisco, patchy fog in the morning, clearing back to near the shoreline. 65. looking ahead, your five-day forecast, cooling into next week. >> thank you, mark. a video that appears to show a seagull stealing a camera, it has now gotten more than 200,000 views on youtube. take a look. you can see the camera is set up to capture the sunset. when it suddenly takes off, you can see wings at one point. just about 20 seconds later, the camera drops down and the bird flies off into the sunset. the woman runs up and grabs the camera. you can actually hear her laughing. there are some who say this video is all a marketing stunt. we tried to get in touch with that woman online but got no response. thank you so much for
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trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. tonight, the gift being offered to a bay area firefighter battling cancer and the reason city hall says she can't benefit from it. tonight at 10. tmz is next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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